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Coptic Stitch (Shown with Clamshell Box)

Accordion Binding

Western Case Binding

Machine-Sewn Booklet

Japanese Ribbon Binding

Open-To-Suggestion Binding

Long Stitch Binding

Crochet Stitch Stab Binding

Hand-Sewn Pamphlet Stitch

Soft-cover Text Block Binding



Two-Piece Lidded Box

Clamshell Box with Ribbon Pull Slipcase

Custom Cloth Lid fit to Wooden Base


Blind Deboss on Leather

Inset Inkjet Photo

Metallic Silkscreen Printing 

Metallic Silkscreen Printing 

Inset Digitally Printed Plaque

Inset Letterpress Printed Plaque

Matte Silkscreen Printing 

We welcome unconventional design ideas and collaborative effort. If you have a particular material you want to incorporate, bring it to the table. If you have an idea of purpose but no thoughts on design, let us create something appropriately beautiful that works perfectly for you.

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