Capturing Beauty in Natural Light

Client Feature: Jenni Kupelian

We've recently begun building photo albums for Portland photographer Jenni Kupelian. She came to us looking for custom heirloom albums to coordinate with her natural and elegant photography style. Together we came up with a 30 page 12x12" longstitch album that holds mounted prints. 

Jenni is gracious and authentic, and her photographs capture the spirit of the people she is shooting, as well as their often stunning surroundings. For more info, see her site, her blog (full of beautiful photos and insights) or her instagram. We look forward to working with her again soon.


Thank you for reading.



Custom Professional Portfolios... or Meet our New Website!

We are bursting with pride as we present to you... THIS! Our fresh, new Hinged Strung Stitched website:

Moving forward, we are focusing, or "hinging," if you will... on making presentation portfolios for creative professionals. Why? A few reasons:

1. We LOVE working with photographers, designers, artists and architects. They're fun and compelling people.

2. We are INSPIRED by other people's creativity, and we like getting a peek at what they put out into the world.

3. Making portfolios is FUN!

4. The portfolios we make are OUTSTANDING. :)

Follow your bliss, right?

We still offer custom bookbinding, photo albums, and journals, but portfolios are our new North Star moving forward. 


Yay! We are so excited! Please let us know what you think.




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Molly & Michelle

Bookbinders Hinged Strung Stitched

Portfolios for photographers, designers, and conservators.


It feels deceptively like summer here in Portland, Oregon. Like the cherry blossoms dotting the city, we've been sitting pretty under tranquil festoons of productivity.

This season we are debuting two specialized portfolio products: a book or a box to house your creative endeavors. 



Each is suited to different applications, with a small variety of elements to customize.

Please send us your questions with ideas or needs.

Pssst, we're working on a new website to launch later this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the change brewing in our SE Portland studio!

Custom Portfolios for Creatives

Portfolio Boxes for Designers, Architects, & Photographers

Why is a custom portfolio right for you? In this day and age the packaging is just as important as the product inside -- first impressions separate the wheat from the chaff.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a student entering the workforce, the best way to feature your body of work is with a presentation piece made especially to house it. 

Open Bookcloth Clamshell for Long Stitch Album
Open Bookcloth Clamshell for Long Stitch Album

Memory Box with Custom Compartments

Navy Clamshell for Winery
Portfolio with Cedar Cover Coptic Bound

Also key to your presentation are high quality prints of your work. We work exclusively with experts Pushdot Studio and Stevens IS for our clients' digital printing needs.

Contact us with any questions about the materials we source, optional add-ons, or any other ideas you might have that will distinguish your work as the crème de la crème. We are happy to assist you in the pursuit of your dream job!

"I got an internship with the very first firm I applied to because of the awesome work you guys did on my portfolios."

- Matt F.

Happy New Year / New Silkscreening Service

Silkscreened Logo on Portfolio

Silkscreened Logo on Portfolio

We trust you rang in 2015 with both style & intention. Here at HSS we’ve got our own tradition on New Year's Day - finding the nearest freezing body of water and jumping in whole hog! Only the brave Molly made good this year, but hey, Chinese New Year 

is just around the corner for those of us with, uh...cold feet. In any case, we are back in the studio and excited to provide you both style AND intention with this exciting announcement of our new custom service…


We have now partnered up in order to provide you with yet another custom service for your bindery needs! Have a company logo or a dreamy pattern for your custom book or box? Silkscreening on our products starts at $150.00. 

This option adds a uniquely dimensional quality to enhance the structure and character of your custom book or box. Check out our past client samples below. Truly we are thankful to start this year off by expanding our services. As always, if you have any questions feel free to send us a line.


Leather Wine Menu Cover

Graphic Design Silkscreened Portfolio Logo
Graphic Design Silkscreened Portfolio Logo