graphic design portfolio

Graphic Design Portfolio

Portfolio for Portland Design Student

We recently completed a portfolio for Chloe Fields, a local design student. She wanted something that complemented her work and gave her sophomore design portfolio a polished look. We think the simplicity of the portfolio design really lets her work shine. And shine it does! This gal is going places. Have a look:

Graphic Design Portfolio

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Post Bound Portfolio    Design Portfolio Book

Nice work, Chloe!

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Custom Graphic Design Portfolio

Design Portfolio for Portland Designer

We recently bound this incredible graphic design portfolio for local designer Kelly Kerwick. We bound archival printed pages {printed by our friends at Pushdot Studio} with a debossed cover {by Grossenbacher Bros.} into a coptic-bound book complete with clamshell box. The results of all that collaboration are magnificent. Kelly is pleased and so are we. {See her photos of this portfolio.}

graphic design portfolio coptic

coptic binding detail

custom graphic design portfolio

designer kelly kerwick portfolio

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