Studio Olivine Visit!

New Location for Studio Olivine

I walked over to visit Julie of Studio Olivine recently to see her new space at SE 7th and Morrison and take a few photos. (Visiting Southeast Portland work neighbors makes me feel very "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.") Below you will see: the lovely lady of the presses, Emma the studio cat, a plant, a wombat, a platypus, a cutter, and background cans of ink and a tiny press. We love you, Julie!

Aussie Animal Friends Julie of Studio Olivine Advance Cutter Emma looking for trouble

Project for Kona Brewing up for Rosey Award

Early this year, Sally Murdoch came to us with a project for Kona Brewing. As their PR firm, she was planning secret tastings along the west coast for their new beer, Koko Brown (coconut flavored!). She had us make handmade coconut paper folios as part of their press kit. The tastings were a hit -- we went and  the beer was delicious. Now the entire project is up for a 2011 Rosey Award! Read more about it and visit the site to "like" the project. The press kit: Beer by Kona Brewing, folder by HSS with letterpress by Studio Olivine, concept by Sally Murdoch Media Relations.