Our Family Has Grown

Please pardon the blog hiatus...

It has been a bit since I've updated our blog -- in August I gave birth to a baby boy. While Molly has continued cutting, sewing, tearing, binding, gluing, and shipping, I have been busy changing, burping, feeding, playing, and -- mostly-- adjusting.

But we are still busy here at the studio, and we are still making a shipping orders across the world. So this is just a quick "Hello! We're still around! We still love what we do! And our family has grown."

HSS Baby

(P.S. This little boy shows remarkable dexterity -- he'll be sewing books with us in no time.)



Studio Olivine Visit!

New Location for Studio Olivine

I walked over to visit Julie of Studio Olivine recently to see her new space at SE 7th and Morrison and take a few photos. (Visiting Southeast Portland work neighbors makes me feel very "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.") Below you will see: the lovely lady of the presses, Emma the studio cat, a plant, a wombat, a platypus, a cutter, and background cans of ink and a tiny press. We love you, Julie!

Aussie Animal Friends Julie of Studio Olivine Advance Cutter Emma looking for trouble

Oregon Coast

Bookbinders at the Oregon Coast

Molly and I had planned to take a trip to Seattle last weekend to get supplies at Colophon and visit the pop-up book exhibit at the University of Washington library. However, freezing rain kept us from driving up north. Instead, we headed out to the Oregon Coast for a visit with the ocean, explorations with the pup, and a one night stay at a wonderful vacation cottage. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our trip:


Dogs or Cats?

I was just visiting the website of our friends and fellow Portlanders Egg Press. While their website is beautiful and their work outstanding, my favorite thing I noticed today is they have a blog category devoted to chickens. We here at HSS are also big animal lovers -- one of our client intake questions is, "Dogs or cats?" So I thought I'd share two of our favorite animals here: Molly's dog Callie and Michelle's cat (with many rotating names). Like us, they both enjoy dressing up now and then.

Callisto the dog in a tiara The Cat in a fancy necklace