DVD Folios

CD and DVD Portfolios

CD and DVD Folios Handmade by HSS

Molly and I are big believers in the beauty and experience of printed photos in an album, but many wedding couples these days are opting to receive all of their wedding photographs on a disk. Is there a way to store and present these disks that complements the beauty of the images they store? Why yes, there is, and we make it!CD_or_DVD_folio_handmade

DVD Folio with photo mat and folded disk sleeve.

photo_mat DVD_Pocket

Disk folios with coordinating proof boxes.


Handmade DVD folios start at $75 each. As always, we can adjust the size, materials, ribbon/no ribbon, number of folders/mats to your liking. Please contact us to find out more.

Custom Handmade Wedding Albums

Handmade Photo Albums with Slipcase

Photographers are some of our favorite clients here at HSS. Some wedding photographers have us create a line of custom products especially for their clients. Below are some of our favorites: Albums in slipcase, and tri-fold albums for Aisha Harley Photography:

Ribbon-Bound Trifold Albums for Lauren Brooks Photography:

Album with Bamboo Cover and Leather Spine for Leah Verwey:

DVD Folios and Photo Boxes, also for Lauren Brooks:

We love working with new photographers to create something unique

to their aesthetic. Feel free to call or email to find out more.