Portfolios for photographers, designers, and conservators.


It feels deceptively like summer here in Portland, Oregon. Like the cherry blossoms dotting the city, we've been sitting pretty under tranquil festoons of productivity.

This season we are debuting two specialized portfolio products: a book or a box to house your creative endeavors. 



Each is suited to different applications, with a small variety of elements to customize.

Please send us your questions with ideas or needs.

Pssst, we're working on a new website to launch later this fall. Keep your eyes peeled for the change brewing in our SE Portland studio!

Portfolio Cover Inset

Digitally Printed Insets on Custom Portfolios

When our clients want clean, professional personalization, we often create digitally printed inserts on portfolios and books. To do this, we carve out a section of the bookboard before we glue the cover cloth in place. Our clients can then print their logo or artwork onto cardstock, and we can secure it into place on the book's cover. The recessed area provides a frame for the printed card, but also added protection against fingerprints and repeated viewings.

Have a look:

recessed window portfolio

personalized portfolio

design portfolio digital plaque

Simple, yet elegant!

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Personalized Custom Portfolios

Blind Debossing on Portfolios

We're so happy to be adding custom blind debossing to our list of services! We can now print your design or logo directly into our portfolio and book covers. We've added this service especially for our photographer, architect, and designer clients, who can now order portfolios through our online shop. The process of blind debossing works like this:

  • You supply your artwork in PDF format
  • We create a magnesium die from your design
  • We use a hot foil stamping machine to heat the die, then press the design into your book cover

While initial setup fees for blind debossing are expensive, price per piece goes down as quantity increases. And just look at the lovely results:


Blind Deboss on Design Portfolio


Blind Debossing Detail

Portfolio Blind Deboss Detail

Custom Design Portfolio

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Album with Printed Pages

Photographer Album: Pre-Printed Pages Bound

We just sent off this gorgeous album for photographer Sooke Aavang yesterday. Sooke provided us with printed pages, and we created a Western Case Bound book and slipcase. We love how her images and the cloth and paper colors play off one another to create an almost ethereal feeling for her book. Thanks, Sooke!

custom photo book handmade book printed pages sooke aavang book book spine detail

Senior Portrait Album

Archival Album for Senior Portraits

We just finished up this 7" square album for A Girl in Love Photography today. These books work so well for portrait sessions - this one has the same number of pages as our 7" square trifold album, so it holds 24 4x6 photos perfectly. Also, the persimmon cloth matches this senior's school colors. We're looking forward to seeing how other people will use these books.

album for senior portrait prints archival senior portrait album classic senior portrait album

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