architect portfolio

Portfolio Cover Inset

Digitally Printed Insets on Custom Portfolios

When our clients want clean, professional personalization, we often create digitally printed inserts on portfolios and books. To do this, we carve out a section of the bookboard before we glue the cover cloth in place. Our clients can then print their logo or artwork onto cardstock, and we can secure it into place on the book's cover. The recessed area provides a frame for the printed card, but also added protection against fingerprints and repeated viewings.

Have a look:

recessed window portfolio

personalized portfolio

design portfolio digital plaque

Simple, yet elegant!

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architect portfolio

Custom Architecture Portfolio

Needing a portfolio for an upcoming interview, a recent architecture grad asked us to build this book around his work. We're planning to add custom portfolios to our product line in the coming months. See what you think!

book hinge hand bound portfolio

custom architect portfolio

custom architecture portfolio

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Handmade Portfolios

Portfolios for designers, architects, and photographers

Our online store is currently centered around photo albums, but a lot of our work involves making hand-bound portfolios. We love any opportunity to make books and boxes with content. Here are photos of a few recent portfolio projects:

An grad school applicant had us make these portfolios for him to send to top-choice architecture schools. They will definitely make his work stand out. Good luck, Josiah!


A clamshell box for oversize prints works great for the amazing work of Toni Greaves:


Graphic designer Kortni Bottini uses these leave-behind mini portfolios when she meets with agencies interested in her freelance work:


Call on Hinged Strung Stitched if you need a custom portfolio of your own -- you can see more in our gallery of handmade books and boxes.

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