Custom Professional Portfolios... or Meet our New Website!

We are bursting with pride as we present to you... THIS! Our fresh, new Hinged Strung Stitched website:

Moving forward, we are focusing, or "hinging," if you will... on making presentation portfolios for creative professionals. Why? A few reasons:

1. We LOVE working with photographers, designers, artists and architects. They're fun and compelling people.

2. We are INSPIRED by other people's creativity, and we like getting a peek at what they put out into the world.

3. Making portfolios is FUN!

4. The portfolios we make are OUTSTANDING. :)

Follow your bliss, right?

We still offer custom bookbinding, photo albums, and journals, but portfolios are our new North Star moving forward. 


Yay! We are so excited! Please let us know what you think.




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Molly & Michelle

Bookbinders Hinged Strung Stitched