Personalized Guest Book

Guest Books for Weddings, Memorials, Anniversaries, and More

When wedding season comes around, we find ourselves making more guest books. We think, though, that guest books are also a great way to preserve memories and personal notes from any event.

What to look for in a guest book:

  • Do you want your guest book to last? Opt for archival materials.
  • Choose a book with matte pages. Shiny pages are more likely to smear.
  • Personalization! A guest book with your name on it is extra special.
  • We like books that lie flat when opened (that's what we typically make.)
  • Match your event. An elegant event deserves an elegant, coordinating guest book.

We really like guest books with blank pages, as they leave room for notes and even drawings:


We also just added a guest book with lined pages to our website. This offers a little more structure, and can be great for larger events, or times when you want to collect guests' addresses:


If you'd like to add photos to your guest book, choose a book with enough room to add content so the pages don't fan out. (You're really better off going with a photo album for this.)

square photo album trifold

Or perhaps you're interested in a completely custom guest book. Whatever you choose, we think a great guest book is a wonderful memento.